Monday, October 8, 2007

Blaqk Audio and Octopi with a new found love for paint markers...

So seeing Blaqk Audio with my chum Alana, meesha and Hayley was not only eventful, but somewhat nostalgic, as well as classy as hell. It reminded me of the first time i saw videos of depeche mode playing live. It was energetic fun and best of all wholesome. not too many stage theatrics and make up just good ol fashioned light shows, dancing and hella beats. Fantastic.

Later on, a while ago really (not too later on though) Hayley conceived the idea of a party, in which decorating walls became a happy medium. I had to decline due to work, but a piece was conceived in order to show some love.

Other than the obvious sadness of missing a kicking party i make myself feel better with new art.

"In Bloom"
mixed media, canvas
10" x 12"

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