Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthdays and Balderdash.

I'm 24. officially have been for two days. it's pretty snazzy. no different really. My friends threw my a surprise party and it was phenomenal, I had a blast and i never realized how much I truly miss everyone when I can't be around.

Kosta/Karen/Niko gave me a gangster Munny.

Not at my best.

Alana and balloons equal delight.

Oh childhood.

The people who make it all possible.

Adam/Rosemary provided me with some favourite catch up.

Kosta/karen/Niko provided me with a beautiful sight, "process recess 2_ by James Jean, fucking phenomenal.


Oh here's a new piece i thought i'd throw up here for all to gander.

and a work in progress, for a friend.

I'm out back to movies.


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